Day 6-7

Kaitaia – 0km – (116km total)

There is a wet weather system coming through New Zealand over the next week. I wonder if it is the same system that hit my home in Australia last week, causing a 10 degree day in a place that is know for getting for getting 40 degree days in November and into Summer.

Waiting for the worst of the rain to pass

While I would like to be out hiking, I would have hit Raetea Forest just as the worst of the rain came and I decided that would not be wise. Especially since Raetea is known for being muddy with hard to find track in good weather. However, it has been nice to have the last few days off. I realised that this is the first time I have had a chance to just stop since I put the plans into motion to make this journey happen.

A new friend to put cat hair all over me and watch bad TV with in the rain 🙂

Since July I have finished up work, packed up everything I own, rented out my home and finished off study and there hasn’t been much time for anything else. However, during the last two days I have read a book, watched TV and frequented Maccas for their free wifi.

Home of wifi

The plan is to hike out tomorrow. There is more wet rather coming over the week, but it should hopefully hit once we are through Raetea.

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