Te Araroa – Day 2

Te Paki Stream to Maunganui Bluff Campsite – 20km (40km total)

I woke up at about 6am to a lovely pink sky and slowly started packing up my gear. However, not long after that the rain started coming down. I thought about continuing and packing up my tent, but with only 20km to do today. I knew that I had time. So I waited it out in my dry tent.

The pretty morning sky, just before the weather came in

It was just before 9am when the rain stopped. So I took the opportunity to finish packing up. I was prepared for more rain and I could see it in the distance. However, it held off for most of the morning.

The first half of the day I was heading towards Matapia Island. A large rock formation with a hole right through the middle of it. Beach walking is deceptive. The island looked like it wouldn’t take that long to reach, but it never seemed to get any closer. After Matapia Island, my sights were set on a curve in the beach where the Bluff is.

Just before Maunganui Campsite at the Bluff, but not The Bluff i.e. end of the trail, that is still 2960km away.

The first 10km were easy-ish, the second 10km got tougher and I was glad to make it to the campsite. I’m not sure how I am going to make it 30km tomorrow, but that is the goal. The highlights of today, were 4WD’s driving past me at great speed and a very large dead dolphin carcas.

I am at Maunganui Campsite tonight, with a couple from Belgium, a couple from the Netherlands and a New Zealander. He is the second New Zealander I’ve met this trip who has sounded slightly South African to me. Is that a thing or am I just terrible with accents?

Today I am thankful for staying dry and warm.

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