Ormiston Gorge

For years I have been dreaming of doing the Larapinta Trail through the West MacDonnell Ranges. On our road trip to Alice Springs my dream almost came true (well 400m of it came true).

We took an overnight trip out to Ormiston Gorge which the Laripinta Trail goes through. So I got to walk on the Larapinta for at least 5 minutes! One day I’ll be back to do more. However, even though I only got to do a short part of the Larapinta, the walks in and around the Gorge themselves were pretty great. Below is a video from Ormiston Gorge, highlighting some of the walks.

Ormiston Gorge

We camped at the Gorge overnight. In the cool of the evening we did the Ghost Gum walk and went for a swim, then the next morning we did the 7km Pound walk and went for another swim.

It was a great overnight trip to do from Alice Springs and I would highly recommend checking out the West Macdonnel Ranges if you are in the area, or live my dream for me and walk the entire Larapinta trail (let me know if you do, so I can live vicariously through you).

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